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First Aid Training Courses by Brighton Holistics

Here at Brighton Holistics, we offer a comprehensive range of accredited First Aid qualifications and short first aid courses delivered by expert tutors. All of our courses meet the National Occupational Standard and the Core Curriculum. 

As an accredited course provider Brighton Holistics are recognised by the Federation of Holistics Therapists (FHT).

Anyone wishing to become an accredited first aider in the workplace, expand upon their current knowledge, enhance their employability status, etc, can view our extensive range of first aid training courses above. Simply select an appropriate course by clicking an image to reveal more information.

If you don’t see the first aid course you’re looking for or if you’re at all unsure what’s expected or needed, please call Brighton Holistics on 01273 672 690. At Brighton Holistics we are always updating our skills as course providers and are adding new training courses all the time.

First aid is an important tool for everyone when quickly responding to accidents to ensure that injuries can be efficiently and promptly dealt with before a medical professional arrives to administer more specialised treatment.

First aid is especially helpful within the community in order to prevent things from escalating.

Whether it’s a minor injury or something more serious like a fracture, preventing further complications is paramount. Ensuring there are trained first aiders within the work place or community be a safer environment for everyone.

Since some accidents won’t require any professional treatment provided injuries don’t get aggravated, a speedy response from a first aider will prevent things from getting any worse and provide the necessary care.

When it comes to more serious injuries, first aid provides an essential role in keeping a casualty from getting worse and helps to stabilise their condition before professional help can arrive. CPR plays a core role in first aid training and quick application is crucial, so having a trained first aider on site who can stay composed under pressure is highly beneficial.

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