Est. In 2006.


Brighton Holistics started teaching learners in 2006. We have become well known for our standard of education and training therapists to meet their full potential during this time. For us, a training school, we are incredibly passionate that every learner meets their full potential to become the best therapist they can be. During this time have won awards for our education standards and the service we offer our learners.

Our training team are handpicked because they have shown the qualities, we believe make them good tutors. Each tutor must have a minimum of three years of experience in the modality they are teaching and must be a practising therapist.

During your time with us, we maximise the learning time to make sure that you get as much practical time as possible. We tend to cover theory in the morning and practical in the afternoon. During your time with us, we make sure that all learning outcomes have been reached comfortably, ensuring that you have the confidence to deliver the modality you are studying.

Here at Brighton Holistics, we believe in not rushing your course. You will see some training providers offer a level 3 qualification in 4 weeks. A full level 3 body massage/sports massage course has a learning time of 390 hours. It is important that when you are studying that you are learning and understanding what you are doing and not just learning to pass an assessment. If you are continuing to sports levels 4 and 5 it is extremely important that you have mastered your sports massage level 3 before you undertake your level 4. How can you go to an advanced level when you haven’t mastered your basic level? It’s like when you learn to drive. It’s not till you have passed your test and you start driving alone, that’s when you learn to drive.

We are also very often asked if we do fast track learning. Once you have completed your course you will be able to become a CNHC and PSA regulated therapist, which means you are a health care worker. Would you visit a doctor or nurse who had fast traced their training, I’m guessing not, so why should a therapist fact tract?

We will support you and help you with your professional development. We have a full portfolio of courses to allow you to continue your training from the basic level to the advanced high levels. Support is given via telephone, zoom and face to face if needed.

Please note – Brighton Holistics Treatment and Training rooms are based on one site in Brighton unless otherwise expressly stated. Trading only as Brighton Holistics and disclaiming association, representation or responsibility of other treatment, therapy or massage schools containing the naming or links to Brighton.

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